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Oge Okoye embroiled in miracle scandal after she visits pastor who faked resurrection miracle

Remember the South African preacher who faked the resurrection of a dead man? Dude is at it again.

This time, our darling actress Oge Okoye is the one in the centre of the brouhaha. Pastor Alph Lukau's church, Alleluia Ministries International released a video of the actress performing her skills in his church and Nigerians are going hard on her.

In the video posted to YouTube, Oge Okoye was spotted in Lukau's church in Johannesburg, during a deliverance session. She had two photos in her hand. Lukau questioned her about the people in the photos and a teary Oge revealed it was her aunty and her step brother.

Lukau made some prophetic declarations, then questioned her about her mom and daughter who were with her at the time. He asked Oge to tell her mom that "her time has come" and an excited Oge yelled that out. Lukau then motions to her daughter to join them. The little girl does and the Pastor mentions the girls name, prompting Oge to jump up in excitement.

Pastor Lukua was in the news weeks ago for faking the resurrection of a dead man. We are not sure if the incident with Oge was recorded after the story went viral or before but this doesn't look good for the actress and her brand.

Watch the video below:

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