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13-year-old pupil killed after thug drags steering wheel with truck driver

Michael Odejimi

A young boy has lost his life in an avoidable accident involving a truck and a tricycle.

Michael Odejimi, a 13-year-old pupil of Suncity College in Magboro, Ogun State was crushed to death, after the tricycle that was conveying him got knocked down by a truck driver at Magboro bus stop.

According to reports, Michael the only child of Temi Odejimi was returning from school on Tuesday when the incident occurred. The accident was reportedly caused by some hoodlums who were in the habit of unlawfully collecting money from drivers at the bus stop.

Punch reports that the thugs had flagged down the truck driver, demanding a hundred Naira from him. When the driver refused to stop, one of the hoodlums jumped onto the driver’s side and started dragging the steering wheel with him, causing the truck to swerve in the process. The swerving truck then hit the tricycle conveying Michael and one other pupil.

The impact was said to have thrown out the occupants of the tricycle and the truck reportedly ran over Michael, who died on the spot.

Neighbours of the deceased pupil took to the streets to protest against what they described as reckless deaths caused by the hoodlums. One of the protesters, Mrs Remi Okoeguale, said Michael’s death was an irreparable loss to his family. She said:

“The boy would have been 14 on April 5, 2019, and he was the only child of his mother. His father is based abroad. He was in SS2 at the Suncity College. When he was returning from the school on Tuesday, he boarded a tricycle. On getting to Magboro bus stop, the agberos were fighting with a truck driver over N100, which the driver did not want to pay.
“They dragged the steering wheel with him and he lost control of the vehicle. The truck hit the tricycle and the boy fell down. The truck then crushed him and he died on the spot. We don’t want agberos in Magboro again. They have been causing lots of reckless deaths. The state of the boy’s mother is very pathetic now. She went into a coma after the news was broken to her.”
Okeguale said the touts fled the scene after the accident.

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