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Town floods with chocolate after storage tank spilled across roads

Yesterday, there was a chocolate spill from a chocolate factory and we are sad we missed it all.

Firefighters in Germany were called out to an unusual job after a ton of melted chocolate spilled out from a large tub. In what was said to be a ‘small technical defect’ the liquid chocolate spilled out of the tub at a factory and onto a road where it solidified.

It got so bad around 25 firefighters were called to clear it off the road. The firefighters attacked the mould of chocolate with shovels, hot water and torches to remove the leftover bits from the road.

The chocolate incident happened at DreiMeister chocolate factory in Westoennen, north west Germany. Company boss Markus Luckey said the factory would be back to full function today. He noted that if the spill had happened closer to Christmas ‘that would have been a catastrophe’.

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