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Man returns from work to see his house completely razed down by fire (photos)

A man who left home in the morning was shocked to return to see his house completely burnt down. Twitter user @Kena_Ewuru who resides in Owerri, Imo State, shared his story on the micro blogging site, saying the only thing he had left in the world was the clothes he wore to work and his phone.
Ikenna had tweeted:

I just came back and met my whole apartment on fire. The only thing I own in this world is my phone and the clothes I'm wearing. How is Your december going ☹️

Shortly after his tweet went viral, Federal Fire Service messaged him saying the fire was likely caused by Harmattan. Ikenna who showed unusual calm in spite of his woes was praised for his calm demeanour.
Kindhearted Tweeters offered to help donate some money to get him started in life again.

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