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Will Smith's son Jaden Smith comes out as gay... he is dating Tyler The Creator

Will Smith's son Jaden Smith has finally come out as gay. The actor and singer disclosed that he and rapper Tyler The Creator are dating. Jaden made the revelation last night, at a concert in Los Angeles.

While Jaden's sexuality has been a bit confusing, Tyler on the other hand publicly came out as bisexual last year.

In a footage making the rounds on social media,  Jaden took to the stage during Tyler's show and announced his relationship with the rapper.

He told the crowd:
"Tyler The Creator is the best friend and I love him so much. And I wanted to tell you guys something, Tyler doesn't want to say but Tyler the Creator is my mother f*cking boyfriend. He has been my f*cking boyfriend my whole life"

Tyler didn't look like he was expecting it and appeared embarrassed at first by Jaden's revelation. But after a few seconds his expression changed. The rapper then nodded affirmatively as Jaden continued to rant on stage, and started laughing.

Jaden then doubled down on his statement and even sent out a tweet right after the announcement. Watch the video below:

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