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Scott Disick fails to crack a smile during his meet and greet in Melbourne

Scott Disick had a meet and greet but failed to crack a smile all through.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashian star was in Melbourne to meet his fans but forgot to take his smiles with him.

Hundreds of fans who thronged the Windsor Smith stores in Melbourne to see the reality TV star complained the father of three was miserable and depressed throughout his stay there.

Photographs taken at the event showed the 35-year-old looking less than excited. A fan who met up with him told Daily Mail it was intimidating.
'Scott expressed zero emotion when I said 'hey' [to him] and just mumbled back, he said.
'He didn't seem too keen on meeting anyone there or taking photos.
'Everyone was so happy to meet him but he just looked so depressed.'

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