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"My father was a millionaire even before your father developed his useless p**nis to insert in your smelly mother" - El-Rufai's son tells critic

Governor El Rufai's son is out her being savage. We know he occasionally gets into Twitter fights but this one appears to take the cake.

Bashar El Rufai seems to be taking after his father who is known for cussing and calling people names on social media. The son of the governor of Kaduna State was in a media fight which didn't take long to escalate.

Trouble started when Twitter user @Waspapping_ criticised El-Rufai's son Bello saying he is 'too loud and arrogant for a governor's son'. Bashar his brother, quickly jumped to his defense calling the follower 'a son of a nobody' and things immediately took a turn for the worse.

See their exchange below:

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