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Man nearly have his balls blown off after e-cigarette explodes in his pocket

A man has been left in severe pain after his e-cigarette exploded and burnt through his pocket, almost blowing off his balls.

Darren Willson now needs skin grafts to his crotch after the device burst into flames and leaked battery acid all over his privates.

According to the 37-year-old father of three, the accident which happened while he was refurbishing his house has left him in so much pain he has to take morphine just to go to the toilet or wash himself. He said:

‘I have been refurbishing my house. I was standing by the kitchen door and the next thing I thought someone had thrown a firework into the doorway. ‘I looked down and my pocket was going off like a banger; it was fizzing and sparking and smoke was coming from it. ‘I was wearing my work pants and tried to get it out, but it burnt through and burnt all my bollocks and my left leg. ‘I can’t walk.’ The device was not plugged in and was not being used when it malfunctioned, he said. His work colleagues, who were helping him with re-decorating, rushed him to Aintree Hospital but his legs were ‘melting, burning and melting, all the way’.

Darren, was then transferred to a major burns unit in Whiston Hospital for skin grafts and could remain at the hospital for another fortnight.

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