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Fight breaks out at Miss Bum Bum contest, contestants fight dirty on stage (video)

A fight broke out at the Miss BumBum beauty pageant held in Brazil last Monday.
Miss BumBum, Brazil's biggest beauty pageant features models of different sizes showing off their butts. The woman with the best butt eventually wins.

The pageant which took place in Sao Paulo was won by 31-year-old Ellen Santana, representing the state of Roraima, but another contestant Aline Uva, 27, didn't like the result so she picked a fight with the winner.

Aline who according to reports didn't make it to the top three, stepped forward and snatched the winner's sash from Elena immediately she was announced winner.

Aline said she deserved the crown because she was the only contestant with 100% natural butt.
She accused Ellen and the other participants of enhancing their butts.
The judges stepped in and insisted Ellen won the crown but unfortunately for her, Aline charged off stage with the sash.

Watch the video below:


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