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Fans drag Kim Kardashian after she shared footage of her and Kanye flying private Boeing 747

Kim Kardashian is getting dragged on social media for showing a footage of herself, husband Kanye West and a handful of people flying a private Boeing 747.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashian star took to her Instagram story to share footage of her luxury living which got people trolling her instead.

Kim revealed Adidas paid for Kanye West to fly to an undisclosed location on the plane which would normally seat 660 people at $2, 000 per person.

The mother of three got dragged by people who were sickened by the act. The video left her followers divided. While some said her latest antic showed she lacked consideration for the environment, others were green with envy about their extravagant travel method.

Kim, 38, gave her fans a tour of the plane as it was her first time, showing off Kanye's office in the sky, multiple bedrooms and a chic dining area. She also showed her personal trainer working out on the plane which is believed to have been chartered through Aura Jets or serviced by the Atlantic Aviation Company.

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