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Anglican Church priests in Anambra protest against Obiano, accuse him of favouring Catholics

Anglican priests in Anambra State yesterday staged a peaceful protest against the governor of the state, Willie Obiano. The protesting priests accused Obiano of working in favour of Catholics against other denominations in the state. 

The placard carrying clergymen showed up to the gate of the government house, dressed in white robes and sat still, demanding an audience with the 'partial' governor.  They threatened to sit at the entrance until the governor comes out to address them. 

They accused the governor of religious bigotry saying he aided his denomination, the Catholic faith, to take over the Bishop Crowther primary school in Onitsha which according to them was built and is owned by the Anglicans.

Some of the placards read, ” Willie Obiano leave our property for us,”Governor Obiano give us back our land and school”, “Religious politics in Anambra has no end”, “Bishop Crowder memorial primary school Onitsha belongs to Anglican Church”, “Bishop crowder is not government’s property”.

The dispute over the school started in 2013 during the era of former governor Peter Obi after missionary schools were returned to their rightful owners. At the time, there were so many irregularities in the handing over as some of the schools were given to churches that did not own them. 

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