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IK Ogbonna hints at at being single after rumoured breakup with wife Sonia

Looks like the much celebrated marriage between IK Ogbonna and his Colombian wife Sonia Ogbonna has hit the rocks.
There's been speculations from several quarters that the celebrity couple has gone their separate ways and the two are not doing much the quell the rumour.

Rumours started after Sonia was spotted twerking on a man in Dubai.  Weeks later, she unfollowed her actor husband and proceeded to show off her ringless finger which usually is never bare.

IK on the other hand still follows her on Instagram but yesterday decided to post a photo with a caption that hinted he is now available. He captioned a sleek photo of himself:
The two share a son, Ace together. Sonia reportedly left with Ace and is rumoured to have gone back to her country.

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