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Actor Benson Okonkwo releases photos in his underwear with a message to 'FRENEMIES'

Actor Benson Okonkwo is trending after he did a risqué photo shoot and shared the photos online.
The controversial TV figure who's been rumoured to be gay released photos in his underwear and a message to his 'frenemies'.

Okonkwo wrote:

"I humbly feel people should dedicate more time and attention towards bettering their lives before trying to fix others. The sky is quite wide enough for everyone to spread their wings and fly to whatsoever destination they choose to!
Everyone with their cross to carry, so people need learn to mind their business and if ever they mean well for other people they care about, then there is a proper/ constructive way of doing such, not the bitterness and hypocrisies we find around today. The worst thing that can ever happen to any human on earth is to find people that tend to smile at you and pretend they have your interest at heart,and then at the same time be the same ones stabbing you at your back. Woe to all the frenemies out there! Grow some balls and turn a new leaf. You can't be working towards the downfall of your fellow man and expect to be successful in your chosen field or career. Karma will surely catch up with you!
Fake Beings everywhere. You can't take down who God has blessed. We all have our lives to live. People should channel their energy towards becoming a happy and fulfilled individuals. We shall all be fine at the end. Don't be a counterfeit, be original!"

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