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Passengers start to bleed from their ears and nose after pilot makes careless mistake during flight

At least, 30 people took ill onboard an Indian passenger plane on Thursday after the pilots forgot to switch on an air pressurisation system.

According to Times of India, a Jet Airways flight traveling from Mumbai to Jaipur turned back after passengers experienced symptoms, including bleeding from their ears and noses.

The pilots had forgotten to turn on a switch that controls a pressurisation system during the flight’s ascent, causing nose and ear bleed to some passengers.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation said in tweet that 30 of the 166 people on board were affected and provided with medical treatment.                                                                                                                                                                            Flight 9W 697 had to turn back to Mumbai, Lalit Gupta, joint director general, Directorate General of Civil Aviation said.

"During climb, the crew forgot to select bleed switch due to which cabin pressurisation could not be maintained. As a result, oxygen masks got deployed. As per initial information, out of 166 people onboard, 30 passengers have nose bleeding, few have ear bleeding and some are complaining of headache," he said. 

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