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Heavily pregnant woman's bold response to a man who wouldn't let her sit down on a crowded bus goes viral

A pregnant Twitter user has got the micro-blogging community cheering after she shared an interesting experience on the platform.

Australian TV writer, Brydie Lee- Kennedy, who is eight months pregnant narrated how she was denied a seat on a bus by a man, simply because his bag had to sit instead.

Brydie said she walked into a crowded bus with only one seat left but was shocked to find out the passenger sitting next to the only available seat dumped his bag on the seat and wouldn't removed it.

Brydie who is based in London said she politely asked him to remove his bag and when he wouldn't oblige, she sat on his hand and the bag.

Brydie shared her encounter writing:

'Well it finally happened in my 8th month of pregnancy.
'I just sat on a man's hand and bag when he wouldn't move them off the last spare seat on the bus. We're now sharing a very quiet ride.'
'I wonder what it’s like to live somewhere with a less Hunger Games spirit on public transport,' she added.

The tweet immediately went viral with other women taking to the platform to narrate their own experience. 

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