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Heartwarming story of Gala seller seen giving out Gala to prisoners stuck in traffic

This heartwarming story of a kind-hearted gala seller who gave out his wares to prisoners stuck in traffic has gone viral.

Yesterday, Instagram user  Denike Ajitena shared the photo of a man who gave out Gala to prisoners been transported in a Nigeria Prisons Force van to Ikoyi Prison.

According to Denike, the prisoners who were stuck in traffic stretched out their hands through the tiny holes on the van, asking for random help. The gala seller quickly ran to them giving out a large quantity of his goods even without seeing the people seeking help.

Denike later spoke to the seller who then revealed he did it because he thought they were hungry and needed help.

Denike wrote:

“I witnessed something incredible & humbling today. Just shows that you don’t need to be rich, or have a lot of money to be charitable.
Driving past Lagos House/Marina exit, there was this Nigeria Prison Force van heading to Ikoyi Prison stuck in traffic (as usual), with the prisoners in it shoving their hands through the vents of the van & shouting inaudible stuff.
Then I noticed this Gala seller shoving Gala into the tiny peeking fingers of the prisoners, one by one. As the traffic started moving, he ran across the road, put his basket on the curb, grabbed a handful of Gala and ran back to the Prison van.
At this point, he’s running alongside the van, just shoving Gala into the van through the tiny bars. Even the Warden benefited.
I was in awe!!! He couldn’t even see the prisoners, just those fingers!
As traffic freed up & he walked back to his ware on the curb, I had to stop him & asked if they paid for the Gala, thinking the Warden might have paid.
He said no, he just gave because they were begging for help; that they were hungry.
I could not believe it. So I asked “How many Gala did you give them?”
He said he didn’t know, he was just giving them, not counting how many!
Here was a poor street hawker, giving away half his wares, because random people he did not know needed help and were hungry!!
So what is your excuse???
I wish I had more money on me at that moment…. I pray I see him again tomorrow.
I pray that poor Gala hawker will always find help at his point of need, and food whenever he is hungry, just as he met the need of those prisoners today.” ~ Denike Ajitena.
The story which has since gone viral has won the hearts of many with people on social media requesting the banking details of the seller.  

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