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Drama as two friends fight in Church after pastor releases shocking prophecy (video)

Video of two friends fighting at a church in South Africa, after a pastor told one of them that her best friend was responsible for her problems, has been trending.

In the footage, Pastor Alph Lukau of Alleluia Ministries International can be seen prophesying to a woman named Jepa. He tells her that her business partner who invested a lot of money into her business has suddenly turned his back on her. Japa agreed to the claim. 

The pastor went on to say that the business partner had also demanded she return the $20, 000 he recently invested in her business. The mom of two once again agreed. 

Pastor Lukau then dropped the bombshell. He said her best friend friend Pamela who was standing right beside her was responsible for her business woes. He said Pamela had gone to bad mouth Jepa to her business partner, making him withdraw his assistance.
Pamela admitted to this and apologised, saying she was jealous.
While Pamela was still apologising, Jepa launched at her and began to fight her, leaving the whole church in disarray.
Click to watch the video below.

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