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Beyonce’s former drummer accuses her of using witchcraft and dark magic on her

Beyonce's former drummer has filed a temporary restraining order against her after accusing her of extreme witchcraft. 

Kimberly Thompson in a court doc obtained by The Blast, claim the singer is wrapped up in the practices of extreme witchcraft and has been using her spells to run surveillance and control her finances. 

In the documents, Kimberly said she was Bey's drummer for 7 years during which Bey carried out a couple of bizarre practices including dark magic, extreme witchcraft, magic spells of sexual molestation against her. 

She also claimed the mother of three murdered her kitten, tapped her phones, used magic spells on her lovers and caused her to lose a lot of money. 
It is unclear why she believes the singer did all of that to her.

The judge however didn't grant the restraining order.  

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