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University student made to dance naked after he was caught with four stolen phones

This video of a student dancing after he was caught stealing will crack you up. According to Instagram user @Iamstillonstill who shared the video, the boy in the footage is a student of the Niger Delta University, NDU.

He was caught trying to sell off four phones he allegedly stole from Federal University, Otueke (FUO) then made to dance for hours by the owners of the phone.

In the video, the unidentified man is seen only in his briefs. He dances around blindfolded as people gather to be entertained. The incident reportedly happened in Otueke, Bayelsa.

Iamstillonstill wrote:

An NDU student left his school, came to another sch(FUO) nd moved 4 phones in a day in Otuoke, Bayelsa Nd was caught wen selling d phones to people... He was asked to dance for hours as punishment... 😀😀 he was later tortured to the brim..

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