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Protesters to welcome President Trump to UK with giant blimp portraying him wearing diaper and throwing tantrum

So President Trump will be visiting the United kingdom next week and this inflatable blimp will be waiting for him.

A judge recently signed an order allowing anti-Trump protesters fly a blimp portraying President Trump as a big baby, over London during the American President's visit.

The 20ft inflatable featuring Mr. Trump wearing a diaper, clutching a cell phone and throwing a tantrum will fly above Parliament Square Gardens on July 13.

Trump who will be flying into the UK from Nato summit in Brussel will be visiting for three days and will likely meet the Queen of England in Windsor.

Huge protests are expected in London for the first full day of his visit. The group behind the balloon raised £17,000 through a crowdfunding website to pay for it and plan to take it on a 'world tour' in a bid to troll Trump. The group said:
'If we can troll Donald from the skies wherever he goes for long enough, he'll start seeing "TrumpBaby" in his dreams.'  

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