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Police officer kills corps member who was due to pass out today (photos)

The story of a corps member allegedly killed by a policeman in Abuja on Wednesday has been trending. The victim's sister took to Twitter to demand justice after her sister was shot by a police officer a day to her passing out.

According to her sister, Linda Angela Igwetu was shot by a trigger happy policeman in the early hours of Wednesday.

Human rights activist Segun Awosanya who took up the case after it went viral said, Linda who was due to pass out from NYSC today hung out with her friends to celebrate her passing out at the close of work. While returning from the night out, a policeman shot at the vehicle she was in and she was hit on the side. She was rushed to Garki Hospital but was denied treatment as they didn't have a police report. The girl eventually bled to death.

Killer policeman Benjamin Peters

After proper investigations, Awosanya returned to say the hospital actually treated her but she had lost too much blood already. He revealed police officers planted weed in the car carrying the deceased in a bid to spin the story in their favour. See his tweets.

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