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PDP forms alliance with Reformed-APC and 37 other parties to unseat President Buhari in 2019

Okay guys... politics is getting interesting. Nigeria's leading opposition party the Peoples Democratic Party of Nigeria, PDP, on Monday formed an alliance with 38 other political parties in a bid to unseat President Buhari in 2019.

Interestingly, President Obasanjo's newly inaugurated political party, Africa Democratic Party was part of it.
According to reports, Reformed-APC, the break- away faction of the ruling partyAPC, and many others are part of the alliance.

The 39 parties met in Abuja on yesterday to sign a Memorandum of Understanding to field a single presidential candidate during the 2019 general election and work together to beat President Buhari during the elections.

Among the political parties that signed the agreement are Action Alliance, Alliance for Democracy, Africa Democratic Party, Action Democratic Party, All Grand Alliance Party, Action Peoples Party,  Advanced Congress of Democrats, Better Nigeria Progressive Party, Democratic Alternative, Democratic Peoples Party, Grand Democratic Party of Nigeria, Green Party of Nigeria, KOWA Party, Labour Party,  Mass Action Joint Alliance, Masses Movement of Nigeria, National Conscience Party nd the New Generation Party.

Others are National Unity Party, Peoples Alliance for National Development and Liberty, Peoples Progressive Party, People for Democratic Change, Peoples Democratic Party, Providence People’s Congress, Reformed All Progressive Congress, Restoration Party of Nigeria, Social Democratic Party, Unity Party of Nigeria, All Grassroots Alliance,  National Interest Party,  Nigeria Democratic Congress Party,  Progressive Peoples Alliance , and Young Democratic Party, etc.

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