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Nigerian man accidentally orders eleven plates of food while drunk

This has to be the most hilarious thing today. A Twitter user, @donp69 shared a hilarious story about his antics after drinking alcohol.

Neyo DonP took to the micro blogging site to reveal he accidentally ordered eleven plates of food in a drunken state.
The Nigerian man who resides in Midrand, South Africa, ordered Ofada rice, Semovita and Eforiro, Egusi and Semovitiva, then Jollof rice after drinking a little more than he should have.
He was shocked to find out he spent R1200 (N32k) on food and R250 (N6k) for delivery, after the delivery guy showed up with his order.

Don P regretted his alcohol antics shortly after it dawned on him what he did and vowed to stop drinking. He tweeted:

I ordered for food this morning while I was drunk and guess what 😂😂😂 they said I ordered for 11 plates 😂😂😂 Ofada rice , semo and efo , egusi and semo with jollof rice 😂😂 ... I’m quitting alcohol 😂

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