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Meghan Markle gives up favourite food because the Queen says so

Meghan Markle has reportedly given up her favourite food following her marriage to Prince Harry. The Duchess of Sussex will be forced to stop eating any kinds of seafood due to the fact that the Royal family forbids any of its members from consuming it. 

According to CDL, Meghan who in 2013 revealed her favourite dish was seafood and pasta combo, will no longer be able to eat seafood, due to a strict royal protocol that she must abide by.

Royal Butler Grant Harold revealed the reason she isn't allowed to eat seafood anymore is simply because members of the British royal family are advised to avoid any embarrassing food mishaps at all costs as Queen doesn’t want to see anyone get food poisoning, especially if they are traveling away from home.

He told Britain’s Express:
It is a very sensible move to abandon having seafood when out and about on public duties. We don’t want a member of the Royal family has a serious reaction to food poisoning, especially if she is on an overseas tour. 
Seafood isn't the only thing Meghan has given up, the former actress gave up her career, fashion, social media etc following her 2018 wedding to Prince Harry. 

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