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I'm HIV positive and I've been spreading it - South African man says in BBC documentary (Video)

BBC has aired a documentary about a town in South Africa where women and children are raped non-stop by people infected with HIV.

According to BBCAfricaEye, the town Diepsloot in Gauteng is a place where rape and mob justice is seen as normal.

In the very unsettling video posted to YouTube, a HIV positive man identified only as David, openly admits to being infected with the virus and revealed he has intentionally been spreading it through rape.
Mtika, David's childhood friend confirmed him to be a serial rapist and said he had previously saved David from mob justice in Diepsloot.

In the documentary, the reporter asks David how he feels that he gave his former girlfriend HIV. "I feel okay," David retorted. In the same interview he admits to have raped a total of 21 or 24 women.

Asked if he uses protection, David said "No... I didn't use any protection...I know I'm HIV positive so I want to spread that HIV. I feel good because I can't die alone."

He then tells the reporter that he can't stay 3 days without sex because he is "a powerful guy".

The reporter then continues to ask him if he thinks he is a dangerous man in the society, and David proudly says "they are scared of me...they know I can take action anytime". 

Watch the video below:

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