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I bought my first house at 29 - Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim was on IG motivating her followers last night. The Ghanaian star took to Instagram to reveal she bought her first house in 2015 at the age of 29 after much struggle.

The actress made the revelation as part of an online challenge #MisfittoHero, where people share their grass to grace stories.

She narrates her journey to stardom started as a refugee. Writing about herself, Juliet said:

It started as a dream, tirelessly working from one set to another; filming over 6 movies in a month just to make a living. She recalled how her immune system will break down and her loved ones would ask “can’t you just take time off and rest?” Just like every girl, She had a dream, She wanted to accomplish her resolution set out before she turned 30! In April 2015, Juliet bought her first house as her 29th birthday gift. 'I’m extremely grateful to God Almighty who has been able to allow this nobody be a somebody! ‘Says Juliet. Many don’t know what being a refugee is like; literally she had nothing and had to start from scratch to get to where she is today. This is just the beginning of many more blessings to come because whatever you believe you can achieve. Time and hard work makes a difference!

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