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Georgina Onuoha buys $500k house in the U.S (photos)

U.S based Nollywood actress Georgina Onouha is out here celebrating her latest achievement. The divorced mother of two splashed $500k on a house in California, U.S and is out here showing it off.

Georgina took to Instagram to show off the house which she said is five minutes from Sacramento International Airport writing:

May this new month bring us everything beautiful. My song of thanksgiving is forever endless for that which you Lord have done for me and mine. Landlady in America 🙏🏻 yes 5 minuets to SMF International Airport.. most beautiful city in Sacramento and location location location of life and sneak peek.
She revealed the house which was bought earlier in the year was the birthday wish of one of her daughters.
And this happened earlier this year as Gozie got her half a million dollar wish 🏡 on her 11th birthday. They have journeyed with me and deserve everything beautiful for their hard work in academics, love and understanding. Happy New Month Gina Lovers. May God bless you all richly as he has done me. Dream, work and walk towards it and watch everything align for you at the right time. Testimonies shall never depart your household 🙏🏻.

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