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'Women should only bathe twice a week' - South Africa's Minister of Water and Sanitation

South Africa's Minster of Water and Sanitation has reportedly said that women should bathe twice in a week.
Mr Gugile Nkweti advised women to have less bathe because of the water situation in South Africa, seeing that there is hardly rain in winter.

According to NewsupdateSouthAfrica, the Minster said 'women don't get as dirty as men in winter', so they should learn to minimise their water usage.

The Minister reportedly made the statement after he read a UK based survey in which he learned that majority of women in the United Kingdom don't take a shower daily because they are too tired.
The survey according to the Minister said that as many as one in three women admitted that they had gone as long as three days without washing or wiping their face or body.

57 percent of the women according to the Minister's survey acknowledged the importance of hygiene, but said they didn't have the time to shower or bathe before bed and instead opted to freshen up using wipes.
"Water is for drinking, not bathing",  the Minster was quoted as saying.

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