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Video of school pupils eating from sheets of paper in Kano goes viral

A video of some school children being fed with a sheet of paper is making the rounds on social media.

In the video which was posted by Voice of America Hausa on the 4th of June, some pupils are seen seated on the bare floor, eating from sheets of paper.
According to VOA Hausa, the footage was filmed in Kano. The report says the children complained that the food served was bad and tasteless.

Teachers who spoke under anonymity said the Federal Government failed to provide plates after several promises so they improvised.
Recall that APC that feeding school children was on of the election campaigns of APc back in 2015 when they were hustling for votes. The school feeding which has taken off in some schools is yet to start in others.

This whole thing looks unhygienic, We think it's better they stop feeding these kids completely.

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