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This is why women shouldn't run in high heels

A woman in Nogales, Sonora, in Mexico, nearly lost her life after she tripped and fell then got hit by a speeding vehicle while running in high heels.

Shocking footage making the rounds show 22-year-old Minerva F.S, dashing across three lanes of traffic in a pair of high heels while appearing to be on a phone.

She did not notice a car driving in her direction, so she got run over and dragged under its wheels. The driver after knocking her down reversed, which allowed passers-by to help the injured woman.

Minerva’s condition appeared to be severe but reports say she was rushed to a hospital and is now in a stable condition. She suffered a number of injuries, including fractures to her left knee and elbow, injuries to her right hand and bruising to her body.

Interestingly, local media reports that a pedestrian crossing was located just 50 metres away from the accident scene.

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