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South African Government to ban doggy style because it is causes teenage pregnancy and back pain- SA Health Minister

South African Government are considering banning doggy style sex. Just so you'd know, the South African Minister of Health allegedly said, doggy style sex is the number one cause of teenage pregnancy and back pain in the country.

According to News Updates South Africa, doctor-turned-Minister of Health, Aaron Moetsoaledi has promised to ban doggy style position amongst couples in the SA.

In a chat with The Highveld Chronicles on Saturday, the Minister reportedly said that he arrived at the conclusion after researching for six years.
He said he also discovered that ones back gets overworked during sex when one is standing or kneeling, causing them to suffer regular back pain- an act which can put the participants on a wheelchair.

Among young people, we discovered that the real cause behind teenage pregnancies is doggy style. The style relaxes body muscles, making it easy for young girls to catch especially in winter, he said.
He then added that people found guilty of having doggy style sex will face criminal charges. .
Look I am giving you guys the snippet, but we will be posting the results of the full research on the Ministry website. This is the reason why South African men die and leave their wives a lot these days, the Minister concluded.

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