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Scott Disick takes a nosedive... spotted looking wasted and snuggling up to blonde girl at Kanye West's album listening party

Scott Disick appears to have fallen off the wagon again. After being in positive spotlight for a couple of months, the reality star has taken a nosedive.

According to TMZ, Disick who days ago returned from vacation with his teenage girlfriend Sofia Richie and his three kids was spotted being overly close to a mystery woman at Kanye West's album listening party on Thursday. 

The baby daddy of Kourtney Kardashian who is dating Lionel Richie's last daughter was caught on camera snuggling up to the woman while appearing to be wasted. He reportedly "had his arms wrapped around a dirty blonde, green-eyed girl while Kanye premiered his new album".

He and his mystery chic flirted and touched each other during at least two songs, the publication reports. 
Scott who showed up to the party which held in Wyoming was rarely seen without a bottle. and told whoever cared to listen he and Sofia are history. 
Video's posted to social media by Kim Kardashian showed the father of three smoking and having a really nice time.

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