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Pregnant woman makes boyfriend punch her in the stomach in order to abort her baby

A pregnant woman had a boyfriend punch her repeatedly on the stomach so as to abort her pregnancy. The incident reportedly happened on May 24.

According to NY Post, the unnamed woman who is believed to have been around 30 weeks into her pregnancy, gave birth to a baby girl with a fractured skull that led to the newborn’s death.
The woman arrived at a hospital in Bakersfield with bruises on her stomach, which she claimed she sustained while mopping.

Hospital staff were doubtful of the woman’s account and alerted police. She eventually confessed during questioning. The woman told authorities that her boyfriend punched her “at least 10 times” after they both agreed to terminate the pregnancy.

Her boyfriend who also wasn't named, denied any involvement in the baby’s death or hurting the woman.
Authorities are now debating whether to file criminal charges against the duo. 

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