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People react as Pastor Benny Hinn begins sale of special anointing oil for $25 each

Popular American Pastor Benny Hinn today announced sales of a special anointing oil. The preacher whom many tag prosperity preacher was on Facebook advertising his product. He said the anointing oil is special and will sell for $25 dollars.

After the message was posted to Facebook, commenters were quick to point out the cost of the anointing oil. A handler who wrote unbehalf of the preacher responded saying the anointing wasn't for sale but the oil was. He explained that traveling around the world preaching to 'lost souls' is an expensive venture hence the sale of the oil to aid the pastor make these trips.

No one can sell the anointing, and it cannot be purchased. The Gospel is free to everyone, but the means of taking it to people around the world is very expensive. During last night's service Pastor Benny gave the oil away at no cost to those who were able to attend the event. We are so sorry that you feel this way but we hope you understand that we are not selling, and you are not buying the anointing. You are purchasing anointing oil that Pastor Benny prayed over personally and with your purchase you are helping Benny Hinn Ministries with huge expense of taking the Gospel to lost and hurting souls around the world.

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