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My brother-in-law deflowered my 4-year-old daughter and my husband did nothing about it - woman tells court

A woman has accused her husband of aiding her brother-in-law, after he deflowered their 4 year-old daughter.
Chineye Okolie made the allegation on Friday, at Igando Customary Court in Lagos, while responding to a divorce suit filed by her husband, Charles Okolie.

“My first daughter caught my 23-year-old brother-in-law, Emeka, who is living with us, raping my second daughter;  she shouted and I rushed to their room to know what was happening. I met Emeka naked with his sex organ erect, I saw sperm and I cried. My daughter told me that was not his first time of doing it. I took her to the hospital and it was confirmed that she had been sexually abused. When my husband returned from work, I told him what happened and also showed him the medical report, he begged me not to tell their parents and that I should keep it secret. But he did not scold or discipline him,” she told the court.
That wasn't all, the mother of two also accused her husband of infidelity, saying he had infected her with sexually transmitted diseases.
“My husband cheats on me a lot, he once impregnated a girl who had a set of twins (boys).
“He also married another woman last year without my knowledge and he packed out of our house last January and he is still living with the woman.”
Okolie added that her husband used to attack her with harmful weapons whenever they fought.
“There was a day he beat me and that resulted in a miscarriage.”
Chineye urged the court to grant her husband’s wish for the dissolution of the marriage, adding “I don’t love him any longer.”
According to News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Okolie had approached the court seeking to end his marriage of 11 years on the grounds that his wife was lazy, starved him of sex and refused to take care of him.
“Chineye locks her room when I want to make love to her.”’
“She once threatened to break my head with a pestle, but I managed to escape.”
“She quarrelled with my parents, abused them by calling them names such as illiterate and bastard, he said.
He urged the court to end the marriage and that he was no longer interested, then demanded custody of the children to enable him to take them to his village to stay with his parents.
The case was adjourned the case until Aug. 9 for judgment. 

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