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Mum leaves newborn baby in care of his brother, 3, the boy feeds the baby 3 metal screws

A newborn baby nearly died after he was fed three metal screws by his brother.

The two boys had been left at home unattended by their mother, who had expected her three-year-old son to look after his brother, who was only 37 days old. The incident occurred in China.

The mother who wasn't named returned to find her baby foaming from the mouth and immediately rushed him to hospital but doctors couldn't do much because the procedure of removing the screws was too risky.
The baby was then transferred to the Zhengzhou Children’s Hospital in Central China’s Henan Province, where a team of experts quickly attended to the baby.

An x-ray was taken and head of gastroenterology Dr Li Xiaoqin found three large screws stuck in the baby’s stomach. They team used a gastroscope and a magnet to retrieve the screws. Fortunately, it had not harm the baby's digestive tract.  Doctor Li said:
‘Even newborns can have endoscopies, but we wouldn’t have been able to retrieve the screws using the thinnest instrument.
‘We had to use the 7.5-millimetre (0.3-inch) gastroscope, which we feared would be too thick for the baby. ‘It was of course a risk, but we decided it was better than surgery.’
The baby is now recovering at the hospital.

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