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Man trying to sell microwave accidentally flashes naked body on Facebook

A man who was trying to sell his microwave on social media accidentally flashed his naked body to his potential buyers. The seller shared a picture of the home appliance on a buy and sell group in Taiwan, captioning it:

 Brand-new microwave, appliance cabinet size, never used. Pickup or meetup both possible.

However, eagle-eyed buyers were much more interested in the vulgar reflection in the microwave door than the kitchenware itself.

In the photo, the seller can be seen through the microwave’s glass door sitting completely naked on the floor, while he poses with his camera, snapping away. The photo which has since gone viral has been making headlines in Taiwan.

One commenter who loved the image wrote: ‘That’s one clean microwave door.’ Another said: ‘I suddenly feel the need to buy a microwave.’

It is, however, not known if he eventually sold the microwave.  

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