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Man set himself on fire in an attempt to burn his chest hair

A man who got tired of his chest hair decided to set himself on fire in order to get rid of it.
22-year-old Ruben Fiska, has been left with a scar on his chest after filming the dangerous stunt.

In the 11-second video posted online, Ruben who has been branded 'incredibly stupid' shrieks in pain after getting a friend to spray perfume onto his skin before igniting it. He then desperately attempts to put the flames out and when that didn't work, he grabbed a shower head and doused himself in water.

Reuben, from Oslo, Norway, was filmed by his friend BjarteHovland, 22.
He said:
‘Ruben wanted to get rid of his chest hair and we thought it would be a funny and fast way to do it. ‘We did the same thing a week before but only half of his chest hair burnt off, so we decided to try again. ‘I wanted to film it because it was so funny the first time. We didn’t expect the flames to be so big. ‘But when the fire scorched Ruben, we realised that it wasn’t such a funny idea and that waxing his chest would have been safer and probably less painful.’

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