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Kim Kardashian Wannabe? Beyonce and Jay Z attempts to break the internet with naked photos

Beyonce is gradually taking over from Kim Kardashian. The singer has released a series of nude photos in the last couple of days and people are starting to have a meltdown.

Bey and husband Jay Z who are currently on tour and have continued to get the public talking with their sultry photos.

In one of the photos, Bey who is until now was very private, is seen lying on the bed with her husband reading a newspaper in nothing but a thong. In another photo, the singer was seen on the beach undressing, she backed the camera but put her butt in full display.

We however assume the photos are for promotional purpose. Beyoncé and Jay-Z's tour began on June 6 and will continue until July 17 in Europe. After that, they'll take the show on the road in the United States.  

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