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Jealous wife strips husband's mistress naked then pours pepper on her (video)

A jealous wife was caught on camera beating up her husband's mistress.

According to reports, 30-year-old Giang Jun was working at her beauty spa in Thanh Hoa, Vietnam when her lover's wife stormed the spa, accused her of destroying her marriage then proceeded to beat her to stupor.

She dragged her by the hair outside, tore off her clothes, doused her in fish sauce, then gave her a chilli bath. The incident which is now being investigated by police in Vietnam was caught on camera by Mr. Pam.
 Mr Pam said:

"There was lots of cursing at the woman. The wife said she had been married for ten years and that the beauty spa owner had destroyed her marriage. There were a group of women helping her. She pulled her hair and slapped her. She put chilli powder over her body in the middle of the High Street.
"The victim showed no resistance, she just was on the ground and received it. I think she was taken to hospital because of burns caused by the powder."
 Jun is presently receiving treatment and is said to be too scared to press charges.

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