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'I am far from being 32' - Caroline Danjuma cries out after mystery fellow writes 38 years on her Wikipedia page

Okay... guess the issue of Caroline Danjuma's age is up once again. The actress today issued a disclaimer denying she is 38 years old and even said she is far from being 32.

Caroline issued the disclaimer after an unknown person created a Wikipedia page with a bogus age for her. A look at the page puts the mother of three at 38, while she has denied being up to 32.

Caroline says every attempt to correct the error has been futile as Wikipedia wrote her mail saying it was out of their hands. She slammed the mystery fellow and revealed he tried to extort money from her when she asked him to correct the age.

I know this is uncalled for but I need to trash it . I do not know who created the Wikipedia page with my name on it . I tried correcting it but the person blocked me , I got an IT guy to correct it as well unfortunately the person behind it was demanding for money which I refused to pay . I am not 38 yrs old and far from being 32 . Not everything you read on the internet is true . The Wikipedia page is not mine and has never been, she wrote.
In 2015, the ex-wife of Musa Danjuma was dragged on social media after she publicly said she was 28. Caroline in a bid to prove she wasn't lying about her age, shared her ID card online.

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