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Father discovers new 'embarrassing' way to put his daughter to sleep

A father has discovered a non-conventional way of settling his newborn and we are loving every bit of the info. As opposed to rocking the crib or baby back and forth, while trying to get his daughter to take a nap, a father from Gold Coast discovered a special toy that could easily put a baby to sleep.

According to Laura Bentley, her husband slipped her vibrator into their daughter Lucie's cot and that put her to sleep immediately. Bentley who shared her story and photo on Instagram said she almost choked on her tea when he told her that.

Talking to Kidspot the mother-of-four said it worked surprisingly well and Lucie slept for a few hours at a time with it beside her. She even managed to self soothe herself back to sleep after waking up.

After their discovery, the parents decided to keep up with the hilarious trick, since the batteries are still intact and the vibrator is not been used at the moment.

Laura, who is also a mum to 10-year-old Will, four-year-old Indie and two-year-old Zahli, jokingly apologised to her father for sharing the image online.

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