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Eyewitnesses reveal the real reason behind the Lagos fire incident

More disheartening photos and videos have emerged from the fuel tanker explosion in Lagos yesterday.
Photos and videos making the rounds on social media show at least 50 cars burnt down. The number of persons who lost their lives in the inferno is yet to be ascertained.

According to reports, a tanker loaded with gasoline exploded on Otedola Bridge along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway yesterday, after the tanker driver hit a median strip while trying to dodge a commercial bus.

Eye witness report say the bus driver stopped abruptly on a spot that wasn't a bus stop. The tanker driver while trying to avoid the bus reversed and his petrol laden tanker detached from the truck, spilling its content on the road. An explosion followed the fall immediately.

A motorist, Aderibigbe Oluwafemi, told Vanguard he escaped death by a whisker as the tanker was in front of his vehicle.

“We were in traffic. When the traffic eased a little, I noticed that the tanker in my front did not move. The next thing I saw was that the tanker started moving backwards and it fell. Immediately it fell, I opened my door, removed my key, phone and jumped to the other side of the road. My car got burnt, but I am happy to be alive.”

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