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Dashcam footage showing moments preceding the tanker explosion on Otedola Bridge

A dashcam footage showing the scary moment a petrol laden tanker discharged fuel on Otedola Bride has emerged. Contrary to eyewitness reports that the tanker detached from the truck, the tanker was still attached to the truck after the truck hit the median. It started leaking petrol and the tanker driver was seen trying to salvage the situation.

 In the footage, the driver who was making a call could be heard telling his caller:
 My God, my God. Funmi, hold on, hold on. An accident will happen now.The trailer has lost control. Hey, it has spilled petrol. Thank God I have escaped. Ha, it has it has spilled petrol. I have escaped.
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Yesterday, a tanker carrying gasoline had a minor accident and spilled its content on Otedola Bridge along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. Movements later, the tanker exploded killing at least nine people and burning 54 cars.

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