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Clumsy groomsmen accidentally drop bride while taking wedding photos

A bride was left tumbling down at her wedding, after her groomsmen accidentally dropped her. Brooke Booth-Hunt, from Queanbeyan, Australia, and her husband were outside taking photos with their groomsmen when the bride decide to be a bit creative. She asked that her husband and groomsmen carry and hold up in the air. They did, but it didn't take long before they dropped her with a thud.

Brooke after her wedding to Edward Booth-Hunt, was keen to snap a fun photo relaxing across the groomsmen’s arms. It was successful until it was time for the bride to get down. The men dropped her at the same time, and Brooke came crashing to the ground.  

We were getting our photographs taken and our photographer suggested the boys hold me up for a photo,’ said Brooke. They were even joking about pretending to drop me for a funny photo while they were holding me. ‘I just laughed it off and we took some great pictures. It was a lot of fun. But then when we were finished it didn’t quite go to plan. The next thing I knew, I was on the ground. As you can see in the photo, all the boys were full of concern for my wellbeing. We were all in hysterics. Fortunately I wasn’t hurt, but I couldn’t stop laughing.’
The photos were taken by a friend of the family, Sharon O’Rafferty. Sharon said:
‘We were all out on the grassy area taking pictures as it seemed like the perfect location. The boys lifted the bride up to have a picture. But as they put her down they all just let go at the same time. She went plunk, straight on the grass. ‘It was such a shock, but she wasn’t hurt thank God. Everyone just cracked up laughing. ‘The last thing you want to see is a bride on the ground on her wedding day. We were all worried that her wedding dress would get all dirty, but it seemed fine. ‘She took it in her stride. She is very easy going and didn’t let it worry her at all. ‘Everyone had a good chuckle and it added to the humour and charm of the day.’

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