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Chilling moment fan warned Dbanj about the swimming pool that eventually drowned his son

It's two days since Dbanj lost his only child to the cold hands of death. According to reports, the child, Daniel Oyebanjo drowned at the indoor swimming pool in their Ikoyi residence on Sunday.
Turns out, about five weeks ago, a couple of fans had warned the Why Me crooner about the swimming pool after he shared a video of he and Daniel walking by the pool on Instagram.

A user, @Korji who watched the 30 seconds video wrote:
Dbanj a pool indoors and your baby passing by the pool....hmm pls be careful, tell wife and caregivers to keep an eye on him o...some chilling are risky

Another user who shared the same view as the other said:

While this may look glamorous and I won't assume that this one is yours but my statement is towards any, watch the little one and the pool. Babies have been known to slip away from the sight of parents and wonder off be mindful. And yess everyone think they have it under control until it all happen. Lets avoid that.

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