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Woman stabs husband to death... says it was self-defence

A woman is in police net after she allegedly stabbed her husband to death. The unfortunate incident happened at their home in Ikorodu, Lagos.

According to reports, the woman who wasn't named is a teacher and mother of two. She stabbed her husband during a fight on Thursday morning.

When questioned, the sobbing woman denied killing the victim intentionally. She said she acted in self-defence as the deceased was in the habit of beating her. She said:

I didn’t kill him intentionally. He was always battering me. Today, he pinned me down and started beating me again.I picked the knife to scare him, but I mistakenly stabbed him. I couldn’t have killed my husband intentionally. In the past, I used to run out of the house when being beaten, but today, he locked everywhere to prevent my escape.My family have told me to divorce him but I didn’t want to, because he is the husband of my youth and we already have two children together. You can ask around, everyone knows he beats me always.
She is currently in detention at Igbogbo Police Station.

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