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Woman smiles in mugshot after causing fatal DUI crash

A woman who was arrested for rear-ending a car while driving under the influence  (DUI) was seen grinning ear to ear in her mugshot.
Angenette Marie Welk was arrested after she drove her 2011 Chevrolet Avalon into a Hyundai Elantra, forcing the car to hit a trailer.

Passengers of the Hyundai Elantra, 18-year-old Shiyanna Kroll survived the crash while her 60-year-old mother wasn't so lucky. She died days after the accident.

According to reports, Clarkson was visiting Marion County to celebrate one of her daughter's graduation from college at the time of the accident.
Her daughter Sciacca, told ClickOrlando,

 It's definitely wrecked our family forever, not just temporarily, this was a permanent thing that (Welk) did. (I'm) trying to cope with the fact I won't see her walk again, she won't be home when I get home from work or in the mornings when I get home from work, It's destroyed us.

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