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Woman filmed shaving her legs in a swimming pool

Video of a woman shaving her legs on the edge of a hotel swimming pool as guests swim near her has been released.  In the disgusting footage, the woman, who is wearing a one-piece swimsuit, can be seen using a razor on her bare legs in full view of children in the pool.

To make it even more gross, the unidentified woman then rinses off her blade in the pool water not minding the many people swimming in the pool.

The footage which was shared to Reddit by a user Screwsausage attracted lots of commenters who criticised the woman. It is unclear where the incident occurred but people heard in the video appear to  have American accent.

One viewer who was listed by the act said: ‘That is so disgusting. Imagine the inadvertent gulp of water that sometimes happens when you’re swimming.. with all the shaved hair in it."


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