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'We're sick of seeing your big boobs, bum and small willy'- Nosy neighbour write couple

A married couple have been called out by their angry neighbours, who accused them of walking around naked.

Karin Stone, 33, and her husband Jay, 34,  were shocked when a letter written by their neighbour, showed up under their door, asking them to close their blinds as they were sick of seeing their 'big bum, big boobs and little willy'.

Their neighbours also threatened to report them for indecent exposure.
Would you please close your blinds when getting dressed or undressing.
'We are sick of seeing big bum big boobs and little willy [sic] and we will report you both for indecent exposure. Your neighbours.

Karin and Jay, didn't take it lying low, they responded to their nosy neighbour by posting their own note on the window of their house.

Karin said:

'On Friday I travelled down to Norwich and my husband said, ''You will never believe it, we have got a note through the door''. He read out the note from the neighbours and I was like, what the h**l? I thought, why have you been peeping in my window anyway?We don't stand at the window and dance or anything.
'He thought it was a wind up at first, he said surely no one would be that ridiculous.
'But from the handwriting it looks like an older person has written it.'
She continued: 'I was shocked. If they knocked on my door I would have said ''I'm sorry'' -but if they are that much of a prude, they have gone into quite a description.
'I think it is really funny, in particular how they describe my husband as having a little willy. It was quite offensive, I thought how dare you.
'My husband said I am now going to be known as having a little willy rather than a DJ. I think it's hilarious.'
The couple, weren't sure who delivered the letter, so they stuck their own note on their window on Sunday.
Karin said: 'I don't know how the neighbours will react to my note.
'I am either going to get somebody knock on the door or we might have a war of notes. It might be an ongoing thing.' 

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